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Hi and welcome to spookynj. Here is a place to learn about haunted places in New Jersey. I've put a few pics up too. So please come back more often & hope you will enjoy.


New layout!! Site finally opened!!


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Thanks for visiting spookynj. Hope you will come back more often. Hope you have liked what you see here. Any questions, comments, etc. Please contact me Here Thanks. Ttyl.

welcome to spookynj! enjoy your stay!

"Things do not happen. Things are made to happen."
John F. Kennedy
Hi good morning everyone. Here is my new website. It's about spirits/ghosts of New Jersey. Here you can find haunted places in New Jersey. I live in a very small town in New Jersey. I created this site so people can visit or research info on different haunted sites. So hopefully I can add my own pics and that would be even cooler, lol! So please bare with me as new things are being done.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns?! Please contact me here. I'm busy Monday, Thursday and Friday. My days off are Tuesday's and Wednesdays. So try to contact me on the weekends or on my days off from program.

If you do happen to visit these haunted sites please be careful!! You don't want to hurt your self. I've seen on videos where people have actually had to go to the E.R. Not good! So please be careful!!

That's all for now guys/gals. What would you like to see on the haunted places section?! I want to do more research on places in my own town. My town is small and not much to see. lol!

Have a wonderful Sunday and thanks for visiting spookynj.