the evps:
Evp stands for Electric Voice Phenomena. Capturing spirits on tape. To do so you can use a hand held tape recorder. Or just a microphone. but besure you don't hear your foot steps or leaves crackling. I've done some evps and I have recorded three voices. In the same cemetery. I just used a regular hand help mini tape recorder. You can even ask the spirit questions. Is there any body here?! Was the quetion I've used.

This cemetery is loctaced in Lambertville, New Jersey. I can give directions if NEEDED be. Below are my evps I have caught on tape. Hope you like them. Thank you to mystical blaze for posting my evps on her website.

The Evps...
"Is there any body here?"
- I asked the spirits that and this is what they answered.

anyone-watch out
-Here is another EVP. I caught in the same cemetery but in a different loctation.
You can hear some one saying anyone. Than hear another person say watch out.