35 Washington St. Lambertville, Nj 08530

  • The Old High School. Lambertville, Nj

  • Lambertville school was built back in 1854. There was a fire in 1926.They rebuilt in 1927. There is an old tale a foot ball player by the name of Billy aka "buckeye" who haunts the school. You stand in the front entrance and he throws a foot ball down the stairs and challenges you to a game of foot ball. The school has been demolished. All that stands today is nothing but trees.

    Devils Tower..."Alpine, Nj"

    Devil's tower was Built in 1910 by a millionaire sugar importer named Manuel Rionda. President Theodore Roosevelt proclaimed Devils Tower National Monument on September 24, 1906. That's the stone formation in Wyoming, not the Devil's Tower in Alpine, Nj. It is said that the tower was set to be demolished but the plan was scrapped after several workmen fell to their death from it. Near the twer, witnesses say you can still hear noises and smell perfume, and sometimes you can hear a scream as the ghostly wife jumps from the tower or a workman falls from it. The wife’s apparition also is said to appear in the windows as a shadowy figure. Another legend says those who drive or walk backward around the tower a certain number of times (depending on who tells it), Manuel’s wife or the devil appears.