below are my evps. just click the link. I recoreded in a cemetery in Lambertville, Nj. What do you think they're saying?

  • "you mean my baby"
    - believe it or not this was reversed from is there anyone here wav. Which can be heard by clicking the evp below. I just reversed it. They're a few tutorials on how you can reverse an evp. I may put up a tutorial on how you can reverse it on one of your wav file tools.

  • is there anyone here?
    - This one was recored in a cemetery in Lambertville, Nj. Here is what I've asked the spirits. What do you think they are saying?

  • anyone? Watchout
    - This was also taking in the same cemetery as the one above. It was in a different location, though. They seem to be two voices being heard. What do you think?!?!

    THANK YOU...
    A huge thank you to mysticalblaze for posting my evps
    Please do NOT use my evps with out my consent. Ask me first. Thank you.