sites i've created...
Here are a few more sites to visit that I've created! Enjoy your stay at my sites!

Haim Fans
A fansite for the talented actor who was Corey Haim! He played in several movies. Such as The Lost boys, Lucas and tons more! To find out about Corey just click the above! Enjoy!

A site about ghosts/spirits. I've also have my own collection of evps I collected through out the years. Come and explore haunted places in New Jersey. I hope you can come by and check out spookynj.

My FREE graphic site! I create backgrouns, icons and more. Click the link above! Have a look and it's worth the visit! Thanks for visiting! Enjoy your stay at luckystorm!

A fansite for the funny Melissa McCarthy! It's under construction right now But please come back and check it out! Thanks! :)

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